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We offer two levels of membership:

Whether you want to attend meetings to explore how we can promote community or support the Glenmont Exchange, your membership is important.

Membership is open to individuals, associations, and businesses in the Glenmont area. Our goal is for our membership to reflect the diversity of interests in our Glenmont area.

Membership Application

Membership Type:

Annual dues

Free: [ ]
Dues-Paying: [ ] Individual $10      [ ] Association $25     [ ] Business $50

Email Preference:

[ ] CC: Option: Email address is shared with other members enabling you to participate in Glenmont Exchange email discussions as well are receive announcements.
[ ] BCC: Option: Email address is hidden from other members. You will receive announcements but not participate in email discussions in the Glenmont Exchange membership community.

Member Contact Information:

Name _____________________________
Association/Business Name, if any _________________________________
Address _________________________________________________
Phone _____________________________
Email _____________________________

Dues-Paying Members: Please mail this form with a check payable to Glenmont Exchange to:
     Glenmont Exchange
     c/o Bogasky
     2308 Eagle Rick Pl
     Silver Spring, MD 20906

Free members can simply email the information to John Bogasky,