The Georgia-Randolph Intersection Project
Data from Brett Deane, Project manager, Maryland State Highway Administration

Click for a graphic image of the completed intersection

There will be 7 major phases of construction with construction anticipated to last for 3 years.

1.) Construct temporary roadway to the south of Randolph Road and the east of Georgia Avenue.

2.) Shift traffic to newly constructed intersection and construct the western third of the bridge.

3.) Shift traffic to the outsides and construct the middle third of the structure.

4.) Shift traffic to the completed sections and construct the final third of the structure.

5.) Construct the northern retaining walls to support the new westbound Randolph Road ramps.

6.) Construct the southern retaining walls to support the new eastbound Randolph Road ramps.

7.) Finish the tie-ins, islands, and complete the landscaping and any other punch-list items.

During Construction, traffic will be maintained utilizing the same number of lanes currently 
operating now. This project does not include any modifications to the intersection of Georgia Avenue
and Layhill Road.